Children raising their fingers in the classroom.      A thank you cards from a child.  

Purpose of the Program:

The Valley Alliance for Education Creative Classroom Grants program has been established to promote educational excellence and creative instruction in the region by funding special student-centered projects. These projects encourage innovation in the classroom and increase cooperation between the public school systems and the private sector in the community.

All teachers and staff who have direct instructional responsibility for students (including librarians and guidance counselors) in grades Preschool – 12 in the public schools in the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro and the County of Augusta are eligible to apply. Teachers’ aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and administrators are NOT eligible to be applicants.  Projects must be designed, written and implemented by the designated classroom teacher or other professional instructional individual.

Congratulations to the 2021-22 Creative Classroom Grant Winners!  Thank you, to everyone who submitted a completed application,  A complete list of 2021-22 creative classroom grant winners is listed under the Grant -Recipient tab on this page.

                                           * Do you have a creative idea for a classroom project?  Just need a way to fund it??   Start considering and  Researching your ideas now! 

                                           * Apply online for a grant, application will open up for the next grant cycle, December 15th,  2021

                                          *  Eligible teachers Pre-K – 12 are encouraged to apply for a Creative Classroom Grant. 


                                       Want to see a list of 2020-21 awardees? Click on the Grants tab/recipients to see a complete list of

                                            recipients and grant titles that were awarded for the 2021-22 academic school year.                                                                                                                                             


Are you a 1st time applicant? Click below on the previous Grant Workshops links to hear grant writing tips and suggestions  from previous  CCG winners and grant evaluators 

Grants of up to $1,500 are available for special teaching/enrichment projects designed for:

  • Implementation in an individual classroom or with a special student group.
  • Implementation in multiple classrooms as a departmental, interdepartmental, or school-wide project.
  • Individual, departmental, or school-wide projects with a particular emphasis on the understanding and use of computer hardware, software, or other technology resources.
  • Important:  Due to the number of excellent grant requests submitted in the previous year, each individual will only be allowed to submit  (2) grants for funding consideration each year.

Click Here For 2015 Grant Workshop.

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Click Here For GRANT APPLICATION.             

Click Here For VAE CCG 2021-2022 Rubric.

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All 2020-21 CCG winners are reminded to submit their project evaluation and financial report by May 15, 2021.   

Reports may be submitted electronically to VAE at or sent to VAE, P.O. Box 515, Fishersville, VA  22939.  All grant recipients are responsible for submitting a written evaluation of the project and final budget account, including receipts for expenses by May 15, 2020 or upon conclusion of the project if earlier.  Please see the evaluation form below.  Any allocated grant funds in excess of $25  which have not been spent and documented by May 15, 2021 must be returned to VAE with the final evaluation and budget report.


Grant recipients are expected to give recognition to VAE in any publication, in any materials related to the project, and in any publicity or media coverage of the project.  Recipients are expected to share the results of their projects with others in educational settings and/or in VAE sponsored events. Photos and thank you notes from students are appreciated throughout the year.  They are used in our acknowledgement and thank you letters sent to donors who make the CCG program possible.  (The preferred format for photos is via email.) Please have students sign first name only with no dates.  Thank you notes/cards can be sent to VAE – P.O. Box 515, Fishersville, VA  22939.