VAE Honor Roll of Donors

                                                                       Corporate and Individual Grant Sponsors:

                                                  Dr. and Mrs.    Richard Bolstein

River Hill Farm –  

Ronnie and Linda   Young  

                             JAMIN FUND 

      Jim and Pam Huggins


Without the generous support of our donors, the Creative Classroom Grant program would not be possible — THANK YOU!!


  • Atlantic Union Bank
  • Augusta County
  • Community Foundation of Central Blue Ridge
  • Dr. Richard Bolstein and Mrs. Sharon Adams
  • Dawbarn Estate Foundation
  • Hershey Chocolate of Virginia
  • Jamin Fund
  • Jim and Pam Huggins
  • McKee Corporation
  • NTelos Wireless Foundation
  • River Hill Farm – Ronnie and Linda Young
  • City of Staunton
  • Target Corporation
  • Valley Trust Insurance Group
  • ValleyStar Rise/ValleyStar Credit Union 
  • City of Waynesboro


  • Nancy and Bruce Bowman
  • Kenneth Cleveland III
  • Jeff and Julia Crist
  • John Matherly
  • Carl and Cheryl Rosberg
  • Mr. John Swett


  • Augusta Health Care for Women, Angela McMillan
  • Robert and Terry Boyle  
  • Kenneth and Laura Boward
  • Debra and Jimmy Callison
  • Jenny and Dan Carter
  • Woodrow and Linda Carr
  • Rick Chittum
  • E.S and Nina Crow
  • Robin and Cathy Crowder
  • John and Patrice Davis
  • Andrew and Angie Deitz
  • Carolyn Dull
  • Geo R. & Evelyn W. Brothers Trust
  • Rusty and Jacqeline Flesher
  • James and Shirley Gillespie
  • Grand Piano and Furniture, Waynesboro
  • Fran Gomez
  • Jim & Sharon Killen
  • Don and Carole Landes
  • David and Ann Leatherwood
  • Carl and Arnessa Lind
  • Carter and Tom Lundquist
  • Harry and Melanie Lunsford
  • Richard and Kelly Manor
  • John and Cathy Matherly
  • Joe and Liz McCue
  • Walt and Margie Obenschain
  • Gary and Ann Peltier
  • Sam and Patty Phillips
  • Dr. Linda Reviea
  • Charles and Anne Salembier
  • Douglas Shifflett
  • Kiwanis Club of Staunton
  • Minnie Stevenson, Kline May Realty
  • Teri Sumey
  • Paul and Martha Vames
  • Rick and Joyce Wampler
  • Hugh and Connie Westfall
  • Fonda Sundeen
  • Richard and Sue Whitesell
  • Rusty and Jackie Flesher

VAE would also like to express our appreciation to the following organizations for their past and continued support of VAE:

  • Blue Ridge Community College
  • LUMOS Networks
  • Immerge Technologies
  • Simple Elegance Catering